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Android App

Android app only meant for specific University and not for general public.

Telegram: @sktechhub_chat
Chat Group

A central group for all the users to interact and share their views.

Telegram: @sktechhub_projects
Projects Channel

All SkTechHub related project updates.

Telegram: @sktechhub
Deal Channel

A fully automated deal sharing telegram channel, providing instant deal alerts from mutiple sources

Telegram: @codecompilebot
CodeCompile Bot

Telegram Bot to compile and run programs instantly , Supports 10+ programming languages (C,C++,Python,Java,Bash..)

Telegram: @autoforward_msgbot
AutoForward Bot

Instantly send new posts from any channel/group/bot/chat to your desired destination. You can apply filters, add custom texts and a lot more. 

Telegram: @vcplayerbot
VCPlayer Bot

Telegram Bot which streams music/video right inside voice chats.



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250K+ Users
SkTech Bomber

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Frequently asked questions

  • Are the services paid?
    Except the AutoForwardBot , all services are free forever.
  • Is SkTech Bomber safe?
    The app was made just for fun and educational purpise and should never be used in form to harm others. We are wise enough to make this judgement.
  • How do I get informed about upcoming services?
    Just fill up the mailing list and we will send you all latest info about our products. We promise we will never spam you becuase trust us we don't have time to send frequent spam mails.
  • Where do I report any bugs or issue?
    All the services have their own contact option , but still for any bug/issue regarding any of the services mail us to [email protected] or for instant reply contact us on Telegram   @SkTech_Feedback_bot.
  • What is SkTechHub actually?
    This is a pretty vague question , To be precise anything we develop we try to make it avialble to genral public and all such services come under one parent viz. SkTechHub.


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