Features That Makes 'US'

Some features can be changed without prior notice.

Free To Use

YUMS is 100% free to useadn will always be. The user doesn't need to spend a single dime in order to use any deature of the app.Though users might have to bear with some ads(in furue).

Highly Customizable

YUMS as the name suggests "YOUR UMS" is highly customizable. The user can set his/her targets according to his/her needs and observe the result.


As said by Bll Gates "Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning" ,we are always available for you.You can contact us 24*7 and someone will surely help you out.

“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.”

- Robert L. Peters, Graphic Designer.
We have put in all our efforts to make the UI as smooth as possible without comprimising with any feature of the app. The app has an extremely professional look ad supports devices of all screen sizes.

The Most Accurate Bunk Calculator

YUMS has the best in class bunk calcualtor which adapts itself with changing class days. YUMS bunk calculator unlike other's considers holidays as well before displaying the result.Users get a overview of total classes attended,remaining classes, missed classes and the classes you can miss to attain the specified target. What's interseting is that you can set target for each subect as well and then view the resut.

Get Class Notiifctaions

We love challenges and so we decided to make your life more comfortable and created one of its kind class notifier which automatically sends notifcations regarding class room and block right before time .You don't need to enter anything just turn on the toggle and everythng is taken care by the app. You don't need to keep the app open for this to work , Just turn on the switch and the app will take care of everything.

Predict GPA before the Official Release

Why wait for the university to release the TGPA when all the marks(or at least most of them) has already been out. YUMS's result precitor determines your tgpa based on the marks achieved , For undeclared subjects you can set toyr desired marks . You can also match your actua TGPA with teh predicted TGPA for the previous terms.
* LPU follows relative grading and so the predicted grade may vary.

Want to sit for reappear?

See how will your TGPA adn CGPA be affected by changinf the grades of all or some particular subjects right on your screen.

PPT's , Questions & Notes

YUMS is a one man aramy.You don't need to serach on other sites/forums for ppt's and questions. Everything is present in YUMS. Just tap on the PPT's and Questions card , select your subject and that's all everything right before your eyes.
We care for your eyes and so we incorporated an inbuilt night mode ,turn it on and continue the learnign process without any obstruction.

Snapshots From YUMS

Some snapshots may appear differently on your device depending on screen size.


What's better way to judge us than through your own friends. Hear out what they have to say.

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Latest Updates

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22 July, 2019

Version 1.9 Released

Login Issue for some Devices Resolved

6 July, 2019

Added PPT and Quetsions

Added support for pdf's and also added night mode.