Telegram Auto Forwarder

- Automatically forward messages on Telegram
- From channels/groups/bots/dm's (public and private) to your own channels/groups/bots/dm's 
- Forwards to slack/discord/any webhook 
- Set up your affiliate channel, can change urls on the fly
- Mimics edits/delete/reply from source
- Add custom text, replace or block texts/usernames/url etc.
 - Choose From LIFETIME FREE Plan or Paid Plan ( 3 Day Free Trial free of cost )


Apply the above code while payment to avail flat 50% off for first month. Applicable to 3 month plan and above.

Automagically simple

You don't have to spend a single minute to set up and manage your channels/groups. Sktech Auto Forwarder automatically fetches messages from any chat in telegram and posts that in your desired chat. It even allows to forward that message to discord or slack or to any webhook enabled application. Not just simple forward it allows to complete change the original message.

  • Translate messages in real time
  • Add watermarks to images/gifs/videos
  • Add custom texts, reformat entire message, add blacklist words
  • Click on button, solve captchas etc. before posting messages 
  • Identify duplicate messages, remove words, add senders name 
  • And many more features... Sky is the limit :)

Start Deal Channel As Well

Not just forwarding our unique telegram auto forwarder can convert affiliate urls from multiple websites into your own affiliate links.
This allows you to start and post deals in your channel without having to worry about posting quality deals. here's how it works
1. You specify your desired source channel or we select the top deal channels.
2. You provide us one affiliate urls from each of your respective service provider(flipkart affiliate, amazon affiliate etc.)
3. That's all, everything else is handled by the bot. As soon as any new deal is posted in the source it is instantly converted to your affiliate url and posted in your destination channel.
4. You can blacklist words, add custom watermarks and what not.

No Coding Required

You don't have to code or manage servers. Everything is handled by us. One time setup and that's all. 

Highly Customizable

The entire forwarder has been built from scratch with extreme precision. Customization is the very essence of the bot, you will be surprised by what the bot can do - It can solve captchas, click on buttons, check for duplicate messages, translate messages, add watermarks, etc.

Blazing Fast Performance

We all hate slow and laggy feeders right. That was the past, The bot is being used in multiple line and deal channels and they have just one thing to say - unmatchable performance.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I access the bot and set up my forwards?
    To set up the bot first open the Auto Forward Posts and then click on Authorize button in the bot.
    - A web page will open simply follow the steps on the site.
    - Once you get success message on the site , ping us on telegram @kshubham506 , we will then help you set everything up.
  • Why is Sktech AutoForward Unique?
    Our autoforward script also mimics edit , delete and reply from the source , so it's an exact replica , you can choose to show the forward tag or not , and above all there is no restriction on adding any of these features.
  • What all info is required for setting up the forwards and does the Bot forward messages from dm/bot?
    The script will do one time login into your account and yes the bot supports forwarding from private/publicdm's/bot etc.
  • Can we replace some text or add some extra texts before posting?
    Yes of course , you can make any changes ,for instance replace some url, block some user names , add your custom text , etc. Whatever is logical and can be coded can be done.
  • Will there be any down time?
    Nope , never we use distributed aws servers so unless aws goes down your forwards will keep on running.
  • Pricing details?
    There is no fixed pricing , it depends on the number of source and destination channels. Contact us for more details.
    All plans have a base price of 5$/month for 2 source and 2 destinations. Remember there is no restriction on using any feature in any plan.
  • Any thing I should keep in mind?
    Yes, just one thing is that we don't provide any user interface yet for you so as to access the bot and add customizations. Everything we do it , so you will have to contact us which we reply instantly and do it for you , There is no restriction on the number of times you change anything, Why is it so? Because we didn't want to spend time creating a interface when we can do it for you within minutes, Contact us to know more.

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